Best time to visit Wayanad

  335 days ago

The best time to visit wayanad is throughout the year. This tourist favourite exotic hill station has the best naturally maintained climate and offer a wide range of engaging activities to do any season, year long!

  • Western ghat
  • Wilderness
  • Caves
  • Trails

Weather in Wayanad


Summer - March to May

Warm and pleasant Wayanad, no scorching heat like the rest of Kerala. The evergreen forests keep their climate cool and pleasantly maintained. Very ample climate for evening activities like sight seeing, cycling, caving and trekking as well as night camping. The night breeze being cool instead of winter chilliness. Coffee plants bloom after the summer rain. The lustrous white coffee blossoms and its charming fragrance fill the hills and plains of the district offering a visual treat. Vibrant and welcoming sky giving you best sunset and sunrise views from our camping sights compared to foggy mornings of other seasons.


Monsoon - June to September

Greener Wayanad. For all those nature lovers, the already lush green, rich with flora and fauna Wayanad flourishes into much greener, fresher and denser, assuring you best of photographs to flaunt. You can experience best of rain and fog, for those who enjoy the chilly and cozy weather. A very fun time for activities like trekking, cycling, etc.

You may encounter some bloodsucking company on the trek, as much as it's the best time for trekking, it is the peak breeding season of leeches. But you can't let some silly leeches stop you from trekking in the best season! With some handy preventive measures, as suggested by the local people, you can trek on with these creepy crawlies. Tobacco+castor oil, Dettol, lemon and salt are some of the mixes you can apply on your exposed areas and may be socks too. Still, a trek wrings to another level when you have bloody story to tell!


Winter - December to February

Cool and comfortable; Wayanad at it’s best. Ideal climate to visit Wayanad. Warm and comfortable enough in the daytime for activities like trekking, rafting, cycling and caving. And cool nights to cozy up around a fire at camping. The weather drops down to 15 degree Celsius. Be sure to carry enough warm clothes. Woods filled with fireflies will be another rare special sight you can witness and indulge in.