Be prepared to great the millions of stars that await you at our campsite. Camping is one of those activities that always puts you at ease, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and away from the routine. Camp with us inside sprawling greens of tea plantations and relax in one of the most scenic views in Wayanad. Enjoy grilling chicken barbeque yourself (add-on) or revel on the scrumptious food from the locality. Spend the night with games and music around a campfire.

Duration:   1 Day 1 Night

Enjoy a gentle glide down the Vythiri river on a bamboo raft, over calm flowing waters. Revitalize yourself by taking a dip in the pristine mountain water. Bear in mind that during the onset of summer, trip may be cancelled due to low water, and during monsoon due to strong currents.

Duration:   1 Hr 30 Mins

Experience a challenging and adrenaline filled trek to one of the highest peaks in Wayanad. The trail is steep and has panoramic views of the lovely hills that adorn the green forested landscapes of Wayanad. Trekkers are expected to reach the starting point at 7am. Trekking can be done on either Chembra peak or Banasura hills depending on availability.

Duration:   3 Hrs

If sleeping inside a cave surrounded by nature sounds like a good holiday plan to you, then you need to head to our caves for a thrilling experience. You can stay in a natural air conditioned cave in the midst of forest and start a campfire while the sounds of nature lull you to a peaceful trance. Challenge yourself and face your fears for a truly rewarding experience.

Duration:   1 Day 1 Night

Explore the amazing caves that nature shaped over a millennia ago. Cave exploration or caving is one of those experiences you should try at least once. Squeeze through narrow paths and climb down boulders and be proud of yourself after making it to the other side. Thrilling all the way, you can probably catch a sight of bats sleeping inside some of the caves.

Duration:   3 hr

One of our most enjoyable activity, enjoy an adrenaline filled ride under the guidance of experts. With your arrival at the meeting point around 2pm post lunch, start pedaling through different trails that comprises a mix of terrains. Ride through the 12km trail that consist of tea plantations, tarmac, smooth and muddy trails and scenic vistas on premium imported mountain bikes and arrive back at the starting point to complete the circuit.

Duration:   3 hour

Fast, thrilling and exhilarating. Rivet in this thrilling adventure of zip lining in Wayanad while your family and friends cheer for you. You will be completing the task under the guidance of experienced professionals who will ensure you are equipped with the required safety gears.

Duration:   300 Meters

Enjoy a light morning walk through tea gardens and wilderness, and explore a mountain stream.

Great fun for families.

Duration:   3 Hrs